Can We Eat Healthy Food On The Go?

I’ve always wondered this. Can we eat healthy food on the go? It can be difficult to eat healthy when in this day and age we all live busy lives. Whether that be at work or outside work at the gym.

Is it that easy? Can we have a 24/7 lifestyle while eating healthy? The answer is of course, YES! Sometimes you need think outside the box as if you’re out and about, your options are limited.

Plan ahead

Planning what your going to eat on the go is vital as otherwise you might not have the time to think.  What’s important is to think where you’ll be and see if it might be easier to pack some lunch instead. Shop for essentials that can be put in the refrigerator which is easily transferable to the car for lunch the next day.

Don’t be silly and forget to eat breakfast

Breakfast is vital to be able to get on with your day. Don’t skip it. To get the day off to a good start, eat protein based foods like low fat cottage cheese or eggs with cereal & fruit to give you the energy you need. If you don’t have time to eat at home before you leave for work then again pack the foods and take them with you such as instant porridge packets or hard boiled eggs accompanied by plain yoghurt.

On the go foods are healthy

It’s easy to be stuck in the middle with loads of meetings or having to deal with family life to get the healthy food you need. Pack snacks such as nuts and cut fruit. For fuller foods stick to lean meat like chicken with veg so you don’t go hungry later in the day.

Take-away rules

When you don’t have time to go to the supermarket for dinner then sometimes you’re left with no choice when you’re out. This happened when I was staying at Fraser Suites Edinburgh recently where I was in town for a meeting and there was nowhere to pick food up due to the time of night. Choose lean protein like grilled chicken with veg or a chicken wrap with veg/broth soup on the side. Healthy and scrumptious. Avoid takeaway burgers or Italian as they lack the nutrition you need and are also high in fat.

To sum up, it’s simple. Think ahead.