Top Five Pre-pickling Tips

An empty jam jar is always a sad one in our eyes. When you finish with your favourite spread you’ll never usually think of doing much with it bar using it as a pencil holder or throwing it in the recycling bin. You might want to consider getting in to the patient world of pickling. We picked some of our top tips for any amateur pickler and felt like spreading the love.

Aim For Perfection
Don’t go pickling with some second rate vegetation. When deciding on what vegetable to pickle be really picky on what condition it’s in. Any dent or bruise will be the bane of your pickling life when its staring at your from inside the jar.

Aim For Five
Don’t know what vinegar to go for? We always say sticking with one closest to 5% is best. And if you’re aiming for a light colour use a white vinegar solely.

Getting Crispy
If you’re aiming for a veggie that will have a good bite to it you’ll have to plan ahead a bit more. The day before you go to pickle, cut your veggie to your desired length and then sprinkle the slices in salt and let them sit in the fridge overnight. You’ll come back to a sheet of vegetable with a little juice round them. Rinse them and pickle as usual. The juice will have been pushed out of the vegetable as salt absorbed in.

Clean, Clean & Clean Again
The first time (of anytime) you want to use your jar, give it a really good clean. After that, clean it again. When you’re done with that, clean it again. You want a super clean jar for pickling and any little bit of dirt or flavour clinging on from previously is unwanted.

The Waiting Game
Everything up until that finished product enters your mouth is pre-pickling to us. So try and wait out as long as you can before enjoying your perfectly pickled good. You’ll mostly be told to wait three weeks but we always think a calendar month is best.