New Year’s Resolutions For Chutney Makers

With a new year upon us, it’s time for any good cook to take stock of their cooking environment and make sure all their equipment is in check. With stores about to unleash their big sales and optimistic new cooks trying to fulfil their own resolution of learning to make exciting new food (and spreads), we’re going to dish out some resolutions that any jam maker will take stock of.

Keep It Warm
Never let your spread completely cool before spooning in to a jar. Make sure you pour it in while it’s still warm. When you seal it all that warm air will rise up and create a better seal in the jar.

Spoon A Space
No need to be unsure as to whether your chutney is ready. Here is one very easy trick to get it right. Simply take a wooden spoon and make an impression on your mixture. If the indent stays there and doesn’t fill with vinegar then your chutney is perfect.

Chunk It Up
If you’re looking to make a smooth jam the size of chopped fruit makes no difference. If you blend your fruit before putting it in the pot your entire mixture won’t cook properly. You boil the mixture to break the fruit down. If you really want to make sure there are no lumps then simply stir the mixture more when cooking.

Lights Out
Need your spread to last longer? put it somewhere that is dry and dark. If you’re planning on making a bigger batch, we’d advise putting it outside of the kitchen. Store it under the stairs or put it in the garage.

Try it Dry
If you’re planning on making a chutney with some fruit pieces thrown in buy some dried out pieces. They’ll absorb in everything when they’re sitting in the pot and will keep at it in the jar to give you a nice chunky bite.