My Big Fat Greek Jam Tart

From Unsplash:

You wouldn’t expect to be in the middle of the Aegean Sea and find yourself getting loopy over home-made jams. But that’s what happened to us recently and we ended up bringing some home for a top notch pie!

Firstly, if you have never been to Greece or the thought of visiting has never taken your fancy, change that idea right now. Due in part to Greece having economic issues over the last few years, it is now an incredibly cheap destination to go to. We recently had our holidays in Lemnos and during our stay we found out that Greek desert is more than just a pot of yogurt. They make amazing ice cream, gelatos, meringues and pies likes this:

greek jam pie

This is a traditionally made Greek Jam tart, otherwise known as Pasta Flora. Now the pie isn’t made of pasta and we’re quite sure why. Our main guess is because pasta can also mean “starchy” or “thick” in Italian and it also applies in the stodginess of the tart.

Now there is no one distinct jam for the tart as we found out on our second time having it. In fact you can use whatever type of jam you have handy, which in this house means every kind of jam. If you’re looking to go fully local when attempting to make this, you should know that indigenous Greek fruit includes Melons, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines and Plums. We found that the darker the fruit was, the thicker the jam filling can be. There’s  a bit of decadence to the dish as Greeks aren’t that big on breakfast. Instead, they much rather prefer a mid morning coffee with a sweet treat like this; and that’s something we can get behind.

So how do you make a tart as good as this? We’re about to tell you.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • 300g plain flour
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 225g unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 egg yolk
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon/orange (depending on what you perfer)
  • 350g jam of your choice

And here’s what you’ll need to do in order to make such a tasty tart:

  1. Get your dry ingredients and give them a good mix around in a bowl.
  2. Cut your butter up in to cubes roughly and then add in. Give it a good mix around but don’t worry yet about trying to get it in the mix.
  3. Add the egg yolk and juice and start mixing. The aim here is to try and get the mixture in to a ball.
  4. When you’re starting to just see the formation begin, add in the vanilla. I prefer to do this at this stage rather than earlier as I think it sticks to the mixture better and the flavour is much more noticeable on the crust.
  5. If the mixture is too dry to form in a ball, add a tablespoon of water and keep doing so until it’s perfectly formed.
  6. Leave the ball to rest for about 30 minutes, making sure to cover in cling film so it won’t dry out.
  7. Get your oven up to 185 C in the meantime.
  8. Grab a baking tin or pie tin and talk half your pastry ball. Press it down and get it all around the tin without any holes or cracks.
  9. Take your jam and dump it in on top, making sure it evenly covers the pastry.
  10. With the second half of your pastry ball, roll it out in to a rectangle and cut in to ropes.
  11. You can either do a lattice pattern, or if you’re lazy and pressed for time, do what I do and make a star formation from the certain going out.
  12. If you have some egg left over or milk, give the ropes a light brush to help with colour while it cooks.
  13. Put the pie in the oven for roughly 30 minutes. When you can press the top with a fork and have a nice crumble on the pastry, its good to go.
  14. Let it cook and when it’s ready, serve up with a dollop of Greek Yogurt on the side.


And there you have it. That’s how to make a Greek style jam pie. If you have any other Greek deserts you know that are easy to make, or made a pie like this, get in touch and let us know.