London’s Likeable Healthy Foods

London is a city with a lot to it. Nightlife, shopping, culture and most definitely great restaurants. I was back there recently and was able to sample some of the local restaurants. What I was able to discover was that – there are so many “Healthy Food Restaurants.”

Some of the great foods I came across included coconut porridge, raw salads and of course a favourite of mine, gluten free egg.  These food’s don’t come cheap though. You’re probably not going get much change out of £15 in London for a healthy breakfast and drink.

One of the restaurants I would recommend is Jar Kitchen which I found during a wonder round Covent Garden one day. Run by Lucy Brown and Jen Quintero, the cafe sits north on Drury Lane. This cafe provides excellent, friendly service and reasonable prices which is hard to find in London and especially Covent Garden. The menu is limited but that doesn’t stop you choosing from a dish to suit a varied pallet. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in this part of the city.

I was at an event at the o2 in London and I was surprised by the disappointed by the restaurants which were available. Choose from the likes of Gaucho, Five Guys, All Bar One and good old Nandos. These were the ones worth mentioning. You may ask, what does this have to do with the article? Well, this is a niche market, places such as the O2 should have healthy food restaurants for their clientèle. They are missing out otherwise.