Have A Hot Toddy And Stay Toasty Warm

It’s that time of year again when you feel like having a long and close relationship with your duvet. Unfortunately, we’re one mammal that doesn’t subscribe to hibernation, no matter how tempting it may seem sometimes.

And let’s embrace that, since winter does have some brilliant compensations – Christmas, snow, skiing and the wonderful hot toddy.


A hot toddy is defined as being ‘a mixed drink of liquor and water with sugar and spice (and all things nice!) and served hot’. But that does little to explain how wonderfully warming and comforting a hot toddy can be on a cold day.

Hot toddy, at least the name, originates from Scotland, although every vaguely chilly country has its own version from Gluhwein to vin chaud to other more liquor based concoctions.


The original Scottish recipe involves heating whisky, water with sugar or honey and spices such as cloves or cinnamon.  A fiery potion for protection against fiercely cold days (something the Scots definitely know something about).

So try making a hot toddy. Not only will it make your home smell delicious, but it will also warm you from head to toe, leaving you to enjoy other winter delights.