Got A Sore Back? Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Spine

Find yourself sitting at your desk all day? Is your posture up the wazoo? Well today on the blog we’re going to unleash the power of the  bath bomb and give your back time to chill out and recover.

So how bad is your back? If you’re one of the thousands of people in the UK who have some form of back pain from bad posture then you’ll know all too well about the bad habits of leaning forward at your desk, slouching down to look closely at your monitor and only ever stretching when you get up to go and get a coffee. And if you’re someone who sits at work, then at lunch and then on the commute home, before sitting down on the sofa to watch TV evening, you’re not doing your back a world of good.

There are some ways to figure out the telltale signs of a bad back: testing your posture by standing against a wall and seeing if your head and bum can touch at the same time, leaning back as far as you can a few times a day, getting seen to by a nearby chiropractor and evening hitting gym to get some dead lifts on the go!

If you suddenly find yourself sitting up attentively reading this, then good! But there are other things you can do to help your back and because we’re all about dishing out healthy recipes, we’re going to give you a foolproof bath bomb recipe.

The video above is a handy enough guide but if you want to do it Blue Peter style and do it yourself, here’s my recipe for a bath bomb that you can sink right in to and help give your back a much needed break.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • DRY – 1/2 bag of epsom salts (to help muscles relax)
  • DRY- 250 grams of ounces Baking Soda (this does wonders for your skin)
  • DRY/WET  (depending on where you buy it) – 120 grams of Citric Acid (this will help the bomb fizz and bubble)
  • DRY- 120 grams of Corn Starch
  • WET – 3/4 tsp. Water
  • WET- 2 spoonfuls of Peppermint Oil (it helps the smell, but use any oil you like the smell of)
  • WET- Food Colouring (its what helps give bombs their colour. You can skip it if you just want a plain white one)
  • A plastic mould (if you can’t get one from a art shop, then an alternative is to buy and cut cheap tennis balls that you can tape together to make a mould with)
  • Deep Heat patches

And here’s what you do:

  • Get all your dry ingredients in a bowl and mix.
  • Get all your wet ingredients in another bowl and mix.
  • Mix the two together. Don’t worry about the citric acid fizzing a little. You’re making a lovely chemical reaction after all.
  • The mixture will look like coloured sand that you can form in your hand. If it’s too grainy still, keep adding water until you can lift it and roll with it a bit.
  • Pack your mixture in to your mould and seal tight.
  • Leave to dry and form for a full day.

If you’ve left it long enough, it should feel firm and a little hard to just break up in your hand.

Now that you’ve done all that. Congratulations! You’ve just made a bath bomb so throw it in for your next wash and let your muscles relax and have a bath for at least an hour.

When you’re suitably comfy and can feel the tension in your back released a little, get out and pat dry. This is when you apply some Deep Heat on your back to your looser muscle. It will help relieve the pain even further.