Getting Rid Of Jam Stains

It’s a scene that everyone knows only too well. You’ve just made some toast and lathered your favourite spread all over it. You go to take a bite and before you know it gravity has decided to make sure that toast ends up on your shirt/carpet/jeans/everywhere. Whenever you find yourself in the worst jam accident possible don’t panic. We have a few tricks up our jam free sleeves to make sure you get any jam related stain out.

Butter It Up
See that butter knife you just used (and possibly licked clean)? Grab it and give it a quick rinse. Scrape the stain off to get that fresh top layer off without scrubbing at it.

Get It Wet
Jam hates wet surfaces. Grab your spray bottle and go to town on the stain. If water can seep through quicker it’ll help to stop the stain from sticking to the bottom of the fabric.

Seek Your Solution
Get jam on your clothes? Then bung them right in the washing machine. Get jam on the floor? Then grab some detergent. Mix it with cold water (hot water might be a good idea, but it could melt the jam right in to the fabric). Pour some over the stain and give it a few minutes. You can they try and get it off by pressing down with a cloth. Just don’t scrub or else it’ll mix over a greater area.

Dry It Out
After you’ve given it a good clean, there will still be some jam lingering about. If you want to ensure your fabric is back to normal grab a cloth, big book and plastic bag. Place the cloth over the wet area. Then get the plastic bag and place it over. Get your heavy book and lay that on top. The pressure will keep everything in place and make sure that cloth is doing its job. The bag just stops your book cover getting wet.