Getting Arty With Your Jam

Art to us is a piece of toast with a good lathering of jam on top. It’s a picture perfect slice of joy that doesn’t last long. We don’t like seeing a good spread go to waste. When we see art like this though we can appreciate the time taken to create fantastic art from skilled hands who know how to handle a butter knife. We find some other examples from around the world where jam lovers has expressed themselves through the tasty medium of art.

jam wall

simon cowell toast

We don’t know if it’s a smart idea to place your jam art on the wall outside a cafe. We’re not doubting it’s an admirable feat being able to do portraits on slices of toast, but having it outside must be a dream day for any local birds.


jam art

strawberry jam

Now this is the kind of jam that we’d be too afraid to scoop our desert with. Intricate designs see different flavours layered around each other. It’s be the first time we’ve ever seen rose jam on a plate.