Eating Lots & Losing Weight: It’s Possible

Alevere Weight Loss Diet

We love eating on this site. From hearty breakfasts to quick style lunches to slow cooked dinners: you name it, we have probably made it.

And while all this good eating is good for our taste buds, sometimes it isn’t so good when it comes to our waistlines. For people trying to lose weight, diets can be incredibly restrictive, refined and just not fun at all.

Recently we found out about a new way of losing weight called Alevere. We’re located in the UK and after doing some searching found out about a clinic called Snowberry Lane in Wiltshire which is using Alevere to do incredible things. We got in touch to ask about the food (of course) and what eating was like when someone goes through this. What struck us most was the term therapy, something never really said when talking about losing weight.

It turns out that Alevere is a complimentary weight loss plan which combines body treatments done in a dedicated clinic with a versatile eating plan. We asked the folks there if they would share with us an example of the type of food someone would eat when going through their plan and we were sent an amazing recipe that wouldn’t be out of place in a cafe breakfast menu, never mind the kitchen first thing in the morning.

alevere food

It’s a morning berry medley and it’s delicious. Here’s the recipe;

Morning Berry Medley

It’s all start out simply with whichever dairy product you have the in fridge or are in the mood for.

Get a wide glass or small bowl.

Chop up a large handful of berries. Berries are great to eat first thing in the morning with their sharp taste and instant vitamin boost (save fruits like bananas and apples for later in the day for something to snack on instead of junk food).

Essentially we’re making a cereal but without the cereal. Put your chopped fruit in the glass/bowl and pour over a small amount of milk or yogurt.

The important thing to do when tucking in to eat is to really chew the fruit and break it down. Too often we tend to “scoff” when eating cereal to eat it as fast as possible. Here, take your time with it. The fruit isn’t going to get soggy so don’t worry about it. We recommend putting it in a glass so you have a breakfast you take around the house when getting ready in the morning. A lot of people will get out of bed and go straight to the kitchen table and slump down. Don’t do that.

Alevere encourages people to get active and healthy as much as possible. Simple changes like standing up more when getting ready in the morning help. And if you do want to add some crunch to your breakfast medley, put some bran in there. It compliments the natural fibres and sugars of the fruit.

This medley also makes for a great snack pot if you put yogurt in and take to work.

We’d like to thank the folks at Snowberry Lane for giving us these special recipes. If you’re interested in Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy and a diet that uses the recipes you’ve seen on the blog today, you should take a look at their special Alevere weight loss page on their site.