With this week’s episode of Great British Bake Off being all about biscuits, we’re hoping that one contestant will make a nice oat biscuit in the hopes they’ll be lashing a spoonful of chutney on top. Most people will be used to dunking their digestives in tea but we’re here to tell you that your friends shouldn’t live in blindness to the glory that is a lovely biscuit with a good chutney on top. We’ve decided to share a few of our favourite biscuit toppers with you in the hopes you’ll spread the good word on how chutneys deserve more than a soggy poppadom.

Pumpkin Chutney
pumpkin chutney

It seems only apt to be telling you that a pumpkin chutney is perfect for having when you’re cosying up indoors on a windy Autumn evening. They have a lot more chunkiness than you’d get with a regular mango spread and if you happen to get one with the pumpkin seeds still in you’re going to get a lovely crunch with every bite.

Chilli Chutney
red chilli chutney

There’s nothing more exciting to us than a good kick in the tastebuds and a good chilli chutney is just what the doctor ordered if you ever feel a slightly stuffy nose start to annoy you. We especially love it when you get a good chilli/tomato hybrid that you can use instead of salsa when making nachos. It’ll bring a more complicated taste and rewarding texture when eating.

Plum Chutney
plum chutney

If the title didn’t give it away then you all know how much we love plums here. We always recommend having a plum chutney if you’re in the company of someone with an exceptionally sweet tooth. The smoother the better too. We think plum chutneys are always a good excuse to throw in come chilli flakes if they’re not already in the recipe and serve with cheese. It creates a melting sensation in the mouth that will have you licking your spicy lips for more.