Foodie Pampers From Christmas Hampers

Have you started getting everything in order for Christmas yet?
Over the next few weeks here on the blog we’ll be dishing out great recipes for everything from cranberry sauce to homemade hazelnut spread that you can dish out to family as unique presents they can spread with delight over the festive period.

If you have a loved one living abroad over Xmas, a jam might be the last thing they’ll be looking for on Christmas Day but offering them the chance to get a relative a taste of home won’t go unappreciated. Here are some hampers I’ve found online that might be a good idea (hint hint mum!)


Irish Breakfast Hampers

If you’ve never had soda bread, it’s a hearty thick white bread with a great floury taste that is just the best thing to lather jam on. But if you’re Irish, then you’ll be using it to drip in to your beans or eggs when you have a slap up fry on Xmas morning.

The baskets go all the way with the basic package someone would be missing from home to a hamper big enough to feed a whole family. It’s a great alternative Xmas gift, especially when you know that it’s one that will get used and most likely devoured in a heartbeat.


M&S Hamper

Oh my beloved. This is the be all and end all when it comes to hampers for me. It’s like the perfect Christmas box to me. If someone on Bake Off was asked to somehow make a Christmas hamper, this would be it. Lets take a roll call through what to expect:

Mince Pies – CHECK
Stodgy (in the nicest way possible) Christmas Pudding – CHECK
A tin of biscuits to rifle through while Eastenders is on -DOUBLE CHECK
My aunt is usually the one to pick and choose what goes in the hamper every year and if the surprise of maple bacon popcorn which I almost got addicted to last year is on the card again, I can’t wait.

(By the way, if you’re leading this early enough, I’d suggest doing a little search online forĀ Marks and Spencers discount codes to get money off)


American Candy Hamper

Keen foodies keeping an eye out will have noticed that over the last year or so there has been an upsurge in American themed sweetie shops showing up on the high street. When I first seen one I knew I had to try out all the chocolate I’d seen from American TV growing up, before quickly learning the lesson that Tootsie Rolls are not nice and that Milky Ways in America are actually more like Mars Bars.

With the shops selling things like small boxes for Nerds for a lot, I found that their are stores on Ebay that will sell nicely packed boxes (like the one above) that get delivered right to your door. If you have a family member with a very sweet tooth, this is a must.