Bright Bahraini Food Tips

Travelling the Middle East is full of culture, history and amazing food. There’re a few hidden gems if you decide to go.  One place which I went on my travels was the was gulf island of Bahrain. Have you heard of it? It might not be the first place you decide to go in the Middle East with the likes of Dubai & Tel Aviv but like the rest of of the region, the food is filled with amazing flavours and spices.

Historically the Bahrain diet was quite limited due to its desert location. Meat was the main diet for most of the population. Sea life including shrimp, crab, lobster, mackerel and crab were favourites of locals while camel was used for milk and eaten only on special occasions.

Due to the influx of foreigners to the island and the diverse population landscape there are various foods and spices which are now popular. Local regional foods such as Hummus (mashed chickpeas, garlic, tahini and lemon) Shawarma (lamb or chicken kebab in pita) and Muhammar (rice with dates/sugar) are still the cornerstone of the  modern Bahraini diet but Western influence has opened up a new path for locals. Foods from the likes of Italy and American are eaten by all the cultures on the desert island.

We were in town for an event at Bahrain Convention Centre and decided to grab breakfast at Cafe Lilou which is one of the best finds ever.  The place opens its doors early and you feel as if you’ve transported to France in 1940 due to the décor. I had the mushroom and cheese Moulin Rouge breakfast and I’m telling you, its the best, ever.

If you’re travelling to Bahrain try the likes of Hummus, Shawarma and other local foods but stop of Cafe Lilou for a great start to the day!