A Christmas Present To Fry For

Have you started getting everything in order for Christmas yet? Over the next few weeks here on the blog we’ll be dishing out great recipes for everything from cranberry sauce to homemade hazelnut spread that you can dish out to family as unique presents they can spread with delight over the festive period.

a good fry

If you have a loved one living abroad though, a jam might be the last thing they’ll be looking for on Christmas Day. Irish Breakfast USA is a site we found that is offering you the chance to give a relative a taste of home they’ll probably have been missing out on for a long time.

They offer a selection of gift baskets with all the best ingredients needed to make a proper fry up for Christmas. They serve the best selection of Irish sausages and bacon along with both white & black pudding, Irish butter (it’s a really good light spread that is perfect on a good piece of toast) and our favourite soda bread.

If you’ve never had soda bread, it’s a hearty thick white bread with a great floury taste that is just the best thing to lather jam on.

The baskets go all the way with the basic package someone would be missing from home to a hamper big enough to feed a whole family. It’s a great alternative Xmas gift, especially when you know that it’s one that will get used and most likely devoured in a heartbeat.