Scottish Jamdependence

We were reading up about the Scottish Referendum this morning and thinking about just how good their jams can be. Last month a news story came out saying that a fifth of Scots believed that jam was one of their five a day. It might seem embarrassing for some people but if you ever tasted some of the amazing spreads they make you wouldn’t be surprised they have it all the time. We’ve handpicked four Scottish spreads that you should definitely give a go.

Bladnock Whisky Marmalade

bladnoch whisky marmalade

This jam manages to create a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Bladnock’s signature marmalade is perfect for a slice of breakfast toast. We really like how that little kick from the whisky adds some warmth in your mouth. It’s a perfect spread for the kind of person who lifts a slice of toast when they’re rushing out to work in the morning.

Superjam Raspberry & Cranberry

superjam raspberry

These guys don’t have generations of tradition behind them, but don’t let that put you off trying some of their Raspberry & Cranberry jam. Its a 100% fruit spread (they promise there are no bad bits in there) and you can get it in most supermarkets if you’re looking for something to go with a few scones.

Mackays Three Berry

mackay three berry

Anyone who knows anything about their jam will never question just how nice Mackays spreads are. We’ve had it in the cupboard since we were kids and there’s no doubt you have too. We like their Scottish Three Berry spread the best as the fruit used comes from local farms. When your granny gave you a piece there was probably a good lashing of this stuff inside.

Isabella’s Strawberry & Pink Champagne


We thought we’d give a mention to these independent jammers. This fruity spread has a delicious feeling in the mouth thanks to the inclusion of pink champagne. We think its best served on some rye crackers to really enhance the nicely sweet overtones.