New Year’s Resolutions For Chutney Makers

With a new year upon us, it’s time for any good cook to take stock of their cooking environment and make sure all their equipment is in check. With stores about to unleash their big sales and optimistic new cooks trying to fulfil their own resolution

Mini Mince Pies To Tempt Your Eyes

It’s not quite a jam and not quite a chutney, but there’s something about a good mince pie filling that gets us in a baking frenzy this time of year.

Cranberry Sauce Fit For A King

As our cousins across the Atlantic have just celebrated Thanksgiving and the supermarkets shelves are covered in nothing but Christmas decorations, its that time of year for the most festive of spreads to make an appearance. 

Savouring A Different Chutney

If you’re planning on serving a sweet starter or looking for a different spread to enjoy with a chesseboard you might want to consider making a savoury chutney.

Spreading Your Own Chocolatey Goodness

We welcome all spreads with open arms here at the blog. And while we would usually focus on using raw ingredients to make fruity spreads, it’s always good to dish out a recipe a little bit different.

Pump(kin) Up The Jam

For many homes this week, a surplus of pumpkin pulp will be creating a mess in the kitchen as families get to carving every design imaginable ahead of Halloween.