My Wee Side Project

I recently started work renovating the back room of our house into a quiet study/lounge area. I’ve always been a bit of collector of vintage and industrial items to furnish my house with and wanted to carry this on into the new room.

Eating Lots & Losing Weight: It’s Possible

We love eating on this site. From hearty breakfasts to quick style lunches to slow cooked dinners: you name it, we have probably made it. And while all this good eating is good for our taste buds, sometimes it isn’t so good when it comes to our waistlines. For people trying to lose weight, diets… Read More »

Healthy Sweets for the Health Concious

We’re all prone to something sweet, but if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle it’s generally best to avoid sugary treats! Fortunately the fitness community has you covered, with a recent trend towards high protein sweets and treats helping you meet your cravings and still stick to your diet. The key is to… Read More »

How To Choose The Perfect Olive Oil

Olive oil has become extremely popular these days and many people regularly us it for their cooking. Additionally, many studies have highlighted the health benefits of olive oil, making it a healthier alternative to other cooking oils. Owing to this, the market is flooded with various types of olive oil. This makes it extremely difficult… Read More »

Ac Milan Football Cake, Perfect For Football Dad

I was having a look around the internet as artisan cake makers and bakeries to try and find the perfect birthday for my dad and I noticed this lovely AC Milan cake in the club colours and badge, I also found a local cake maker that was have to use this as inspiration and my… Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions For Chutney Makers

With a new year upon us, it’s time for any good cook to take stock of their cooking environment and make sure all their equipment is in check. With stores about to unleash their big sales and optimistic new cooks trying to fulfil their own resolution

Mini Mince Pies To Tempt Your Eyes

It’s not quite a jam and not quite a chutney, but there’s something about a good mince pie filling that gets us in a baking frenzy this time of year.