Food Cures

Here at Garlick and Plum Jam we love to talk about food, almost as much as we love eating it! Recently we’ve noticed a strong increase in the number of ‘miracle’ foods which claim to cure everything from arthritis to bone cancer.

However what are the truths behind these statements, can you really cure cancer just by eating correctly? The short answer is no! Never think for a minute you can cure an illness a serious as that just by dieting correctly; anyone who says they can is in our opinion a liar or has never had to face such a serious illness before. I you are then for God’s sake go and see a doctor, if you can’t get it on the NHS then go and seek private bone cancer treatment instead – eating your 5 a day isn’t the answer.

Although that said there are a number of healthy foods and vitamins you can eat to help you on your way.

Oily Fish

Fish oil is full of long chain omega 3, a fatty acid which acts as a powerful ani-inflammatory and helps cells to protect their DNA structure. They also contain vitamin A which is linked to reducing levels of prostate, breast and colon cancer.


Carrots, pumpkins, peppers and apricots all provide anti-cancer carotenoids which when absorbed by the body are covered into vitamin A. Carrots are also high in pectin which help boost levels of healthy gut bacteria.

Red and Yellow Peppers

These peppers are the richest source of vitamin C – even richer than oranges – which helps tyo boost your immune system and neutralise toxins. Oranges, broccoli, papaya and cherries are great sources too.

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds are high in zinc and vitamin E which help helps to accelerate healing time and to maintain a healthy prostate. They’re also a far cheaper alternative to oysters.


Brazil nuts are full of selenium which is a very potent anti-cancer agent as are tomatoes, onions and tuna.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy veggies are full of folic acid which is essential for your DNA to replicate properly in new cells. They are also rich in sulforaphanes which have strong cancer correcting benefits.