Eat & Drink Your Way Around the World

Travelling and seeing the world is at the top of most peoples ‘to do list’ and the world of tourism has something for everyone, no matter what their interests may be. Everything from, relaxation and pampering weekends to adventure weekends get people booking up but one of the newest, most popular holiday options is Food Tourism.

turismo-gastronomico-valenciaFood Tourism is pretty much what it sounds like, the opportunity for people to travel around the world sampling some of the best cuisine available and broadening their horizons. In recent years we have seen world cuisine becoming more widely available and popular from the high street, fast food chains to high quality dining and these tours offer people the chance to sample the real thing.


Culinary tourism, as it is also known, is definitely on the rise and it can in part be put down to a greater awareness of the things we eat. With multiculturalism today we are experiencing more in day to day life than we could ever have dreamed of 30 years ago and a burning desire to try new things and learn more are fuelling this. You can’t turn on a TV these days without seeing some kind of cookery show or celebrity chef who always wants to show us the next big thing.

The influence of having this beamed into our homes means that our diets and tastes are changing. We are looking at healthier eating options as we learn more about our bodies which, again, leads us to experiment with food s that are new to us.

Going hand in hand with Food Tourism is tourism that see’s people learning more about the drinks that they enjoy. Beer, Whisky and Wine Tourism are all big business. The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, Whisky Tours in Scotland and Vineyard tours across the world are introducing people to a whole new world. Places like Andalusia are seeing more and more visitors looking to learn more about where their wine comes  from, with people basing themselves in coastal towns like Esteponta and touring the region in rental

People with a keen interest in food and drink are now finding that they can experience first-hand how things are grown and prepared, can taste the end results in stunning settings and can enjoy a holiday to remember that isn’t just sitting on a sun lounger. People enjoy a lazy holiday every now and then but more of us are looking for a little bit more for our money when we choose our vacations.