Awesome Egg Moulds

The egg; whether it’s boiled or fried, scrambled or poached, in a salad or in a bun, with chips or with soldiers unless you’re Vegan then there’s good chance it’s quite important to your weekly diet. It seems to be human nature to play with our food, we’re always finding new and creative ways to make it look nicer, taste better or even find out if it has another use instead of just to eat, and eggs are no exception.

What stated off as a novelty item in some gadget shops a few years ago has turned into a much larger industry, I’m talking of course about the Egg Mould. Whilst in its infancy it was used to create the perfect circular fired egg, ideal for putting in a bun there are now a multitude of designs available to suit everyone’s creative taste (albeit sometimes in bad taste!).

Here a few of our favourites, but don’t worry if can’t find the design you’re looking for, it’s easy enough to make your own. All you need is a clean metal jubilee clip and you can bend it into whatever shape you like.

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