Can We Eat Healthy Food On The Go?

I’ve always wondered this. Can we eat healthy food on the go? It can be difficult to eat healthy when in this day and age we all live busy lives. Whether that be at work or outside work at the gym.

London’s Likeable Healthy Foods

London is a city with a lot to it. Nightlife, shopping, culture and most definitely great restaurants. I was back there recently and was able to sample some of the local restaurants. What I was able to discover was that – there are so many “Healthy Food Restaurants.”

Great Grub in Glasgow

You look at the headline and think to yourself, is it actually true? Is there any good restaurants in the UK let alone GLASGOW?! You would be surprised. Glasgow  has transformed itself into a city filled with amazing cuisine from all the world. American, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Scottish restaurants have popped up all over the… Read More »

Bright Bahraini Food Tips

Travelling the Middle East is full of culture, history and amazing food. There’re a few hidden gems if you decide to go.  One place which I went on my travels was the was gulf island of Bahrain. Have you heard of it? It might not be the first place you decide to go in the… Read More »

When Your Currywurst is the Currybest and cooked Frankfurt Style

I’m pretty much done with winter. A new storm every other week, having the keep the heating on longer than usual, and soaked cuffs on the jeans. If there was some heavenly cure to take my mind off all these things. Then I remembered about the currywurst I had in Frankfurt and everything changed.

Spreading Your Own Chocolatey Goodness

We welcome all spreads with open arms here at the blog. And while we would usually focus on using raw ingredients to make fruity spreads, it’s always good to dish out a recipe a little bit different.